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  SMD-90 Middle Speed Paper Cup Machine Description

SMD-90 Automatic Middle Speed Paper Cup Machine

The main technical parameters

SMD-90 intelligent middle speed paper cup forming machine features


SMD-90 intelligent middle speed paper cup forming machine has the advantages of high performance, high efficiency and high quality;

The overall steel plate body and the oil-leading lubrication system ensure the long-term normal and stable operation of the equipment;

Energy efficient:

Advanced high-precision cylindrical cam drive with gear transmission makes each station form accurate;The servo tracking bottom paper locks the size of the bottom paper, which effectively saves raw materials;

Foreign technology:

The bottom of the cup is heated by two channels (Leister, Switzerland);

Each link in production is detected and reported by (Japan Matsushita) Photoelectric;


The man-machine interface PLC system controls the stable operation of the whole machine for a long time;

The automatic counting set cup table can be used to replace the busy work;


The machine advantages

1. The paper has too few automatic alarms

2. Multiple sheets of paper detection stop

3. Automatically track the paper and send the bottom paper

4. Ultrasonic probe does not work when there is no film

5. Servo conveying without cup bottom detection stop

6. Paper cup forming cup detection stop

7. The bottom molding does not work when it reaches the set temperature.

8. When the test stops, the heater will automatically drop when it is not working.

9. The whole machine adopts automatic detection function

10. Man-machine interface can set the number of cups in the cup holder

11. Encoder control angle can be adjusted freely

12.The detection system is imported from Panasonic.

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