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Stackable Paper Lid

This lid in low height, could be stackable to save rooms, easy for shipping and storage.
It could be made with different shapes, such as a drinking mouth. Logos could be printed on it.
The Max top diameter could be 100mm.

Could can be made by machine:
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Haining Chengda Machinery Co., Ltd.
Haining Chengda Machinery Co., Ltd.

Established in 1998, Haining Chengda Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional Wholesale Stackable Paper Lid Exporter and China Stackable Paper Lid Company . We have R&D, production and sales department. After 20 years of hard work, our company has a strong technical team and a research and development center cooperating with Taiwan's senior paper container molding technology team and obtaining national patents such as a straight tube machine. Our company has modern assembly workshops, precision parts processing workshops, training centers, QA centers, and other infrastructure. Our company has CE, ISO9001 certification system, and national import and export rights.

In recent years, based on the characteristics of Chinese paper and the development trend of paper containers at home and abroad, we have developed a batch of international synchronization technology units of the intelligent molding Machine with automatic detection systems and remote connection systems for paper cup machine, paper tube machine, paper lid machine, doner box machine, etc.